MỸ HẢO Restaurant

“My Hao” – towards the perfection, exactly what its name implies, the Asian restaurant has one of the most breath-taking views, delicate combination of traditional style with special creation in modern decoration, and is the ideal rendezvous in the inner Nürmberg.

Located in König Straße 2, 90402- Nürmberg, our combined food style is a must-known get-together place of food lovers. Mỹ Hảo Restaurant would be the ideal rendezvous for giving Japanese and Vietnamese’s culinary delights a try and experience in Asian subcultures in the middle of Nürmberg.

Mỹ Hảo Restaurant guarantees freshness and ensure high quality ingredients are being used, combined with warm-hearted service and affordable pricing. We offer a good variety of 200 dishes in grand menu, lunch sets with good prices, menu for party celebrations and special menu for every season for variety options. We sincerely focus not only on food quality and service but also on the variety in demands of customers.

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